Stein Insurance Agency Inc Core Values & Passion

Stein Insurance Agency Inc Core Values & Passion

Who am I? Yes, the classic philosophical question we ask ourselves as individuals…. And we should also be asking ourselves as business owners.  

So, that’s what our leadership team set out to identify in 2021. Who are we at Stein Insurance Agency? We hold many values near and dear in our office. We have an excellent team with great culture. How do we summarize all that passion into one small statement?! Trust me, it’s easier said than done and took many meetings, redrafts and reflection.

What is a “Passion statement” or “core focus” or “insert jargony term here”? It’s a catchy statement that summarizes core values. So, let’s back up… what are the Stein Insurance Agency core values? 

  1. The pursuit of excellence
    1. We have passion in our work and are driven to be the best at what we do
    2. We take ownership, anticipate needs, and are results driven
    3. We are continuous students that value creativity, improvement, and critical thinking
  2. We genuinely care about people
    1. We operate with compassion and empathy
    2. Our customers are our friends
    3. We strive to be helpful, have a “can-do” attitude, and look for ways to “wow”
    4. We build trust through clear communication, follow through, reliability and integrity
    5. We care about the community we belong to and look for ways to get involved 

Yup, those core values really capture a lot, eh?! Now let’s drill down into that Passion Statement to summarize further.

“Personal Attention Makes A Difference”

This is something Jim Stein (The OG, the man, the myth, the legend) said to me (Megan) when I first started at Stein Insurance Agency. It really stood out to me so I wrote it down. As our leadership team worked through our core value exercise, we continued to come back to this statement. We just felt like it captured so much. So, here it is.

  • When we meet with a client, have a phone call, work an account, meet with a fellow employee – that activity has our full attention. Our work is a reflection on us as a team and as individuals. Therefore, our work is something we take personally.
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s a “big” account or a “small” account – personal lines or commercial lines – we pay attention. We know them by name. They are not a number to us.
  • We understand that there are people behind every policy – our clients, our carrier partners, our community, and our fellow co-workers. We build trust by building relationships and doing a thorough job.

Whoa, that’s a lot to pack in to one tiny little statement!!

At our office, continuing to improve is a huge value of ours. That is why we stress to our team that our Passion Statement is a GOAL as well! We certainly hit the mark on many fronts, but we can always use this as a guide for improvement. How can we better serve our customer? How can we add more value? how can we exceed expectations? How can we gently remind people that we truly care? We are certainly up for the challenge and will continue to work hard for you

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