When Should You Review Your Insurance & Why?

When Should You Review Your Insurance & Why?
When & Why Should You Review Your Insurance?
It is critical to review your insurance coverage regularly to help ensure that your property, your standard of living, your retirement savings, and your loved ones are well protected. During an insurance review, you should evaluate your home, renters, auto, liability limits and any other policies you have in your name.
Did you know that working with an Independent Insurance Agent like those at Stein Insurance Agency Inc, is a completely free consultative service? Why would you buy online by yourself when you could have a trained professional on your side to help you weigh your options, “shop” multiple insurance carriers for you, and be there for you if/when life happens? No 1-800 phone numbers here. You talk to a real person! (I'm talking to you #millennials and #genz
When should you conduct a review? When life changes i.e. when you have what’s considered a “qualifying” or “life-changing” event.
Some examples include #gettingmarried, having a baby, adopting a #puppy, a #newhome purchase or remodel, moving, sending a child to college, welcoming an adult child back into the home, buying a #newcar, starting a small business, using your home or car in the #sharingeconomy, getting a roommate, and other big milestones.
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